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Slovak Republik

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    The range of our products can be split into five groups:
  • Square profile air ducts: frameprofile, corner elements for profiles, additional tie elements, spareparts of airt duct production

  • Round profile airt ducts: it`s spare parts, elemenst, parts of flexible tubes

  • Other technological products: control lever, control curtains, rain protection, silencers

  • Hanging and fixing technology:

    • Hanging and fixing elements for square profile air ducts type ZV, ZT and hanging elements for round profile air ducts (rubber coated buckles)

    • Fixing profiles NL20, NL30, NL45, NL60, vibration absorber

    • Hanging profiles ZL20, ZL37, ZL48, rubber vibration absorber, fixing buckles, movable buckles, wall-fixed buckles, threaded legs, fixing rings, threaded connection elements, connecting nuts, adjustable hanging clips, mounts

    • Fixing technology

  • Connection and sealing materials: screws, nuts, flat and other spacers, self-tapping screws, magnetic fixing elements, universal screw-nails, connecting rivets (aluminium, steel, anticor), sealing materials, adhesive sealing ribbons, foiled or without foil, aluminium, textile, pvc, adhesive spike for air duct isolation, fixing and sealing foam in tubes