COM-KLIMA s.r.o..
Á.Jedlíka 4554
945 01 Komárno
Slovak Republik

Tel.: 00421 - 35 - 77 31 043
00421 - 35 - 77 33 845
00421 - 35 - 77 33 846

Fax: 00421 - 35 - 77 31 043

Email: info@comklima.sk

Brief history of our company.

COM-KLIMA s.r.o. has been established in year 1999. In the past time our company has continually developed and broadened its activities. We have begun our activities with installing hosehold air-conitioners, since than we have specialised also for installing industrial air-conditioning systems. For us it is very important to invest into the modernisation of production because our priority is meeting the special reqiurements and the satisfaction of our clients. We managed to increase the speed of production process and to raise the quality and the quantity of production at the same time. To make our work even more sophisticated we are actually implementing the ISO 9001 quality management system.

We are serving our clients not only on the home market, but we have spread our activities to Hungary, Romania and Czech republic as well.

At the monemt we cooperate with 30 permanent experts and the same number of contractors.

Our goal is to meet all the increasing requirements of our clients and to keep our position of market leader.